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As an officer on board merchant ships I was programing word scripts to automate my daily paper work, I even programmed all stability calculations in excel for one of ship. But serious programming was out of my reach, until summer of 2011 when I decided to make a flash app which can help to learn Morse alphabet and international Code of Signals. After few apps in flash I started learning Android programming, and still learning...

Code of Signals

Simple flash application, only on Croatian language for now. Helps you learn Morse alphabet, ICS flags and their messages.


In cooperation with mr. Stipić, I made this mobile application for Tourist Office of town Mali Lošinj. We developed versions for Android and iPhone

Cardinal Marks on Sea

My first application published on Google Play is Cardinal Marks. In a year it made more than 15 000 downloads, and it is currently installed on around 6 000 mobile devices.

Sea Lights

Second application I made in flash is about lights at sea. Unfortunately it is available only in Croatian language.

Recent Rope Works

Wellcome to my web page!

Cardinal Marks ScreenshootThank you for visiting my site. I would just like to share with you my passions in the fields of sea navigation, programming and rope work.

All my applications are free (like free beer), and if you fell I deserve real beer for my efforts you can support me. It will boost my moral and make me work harder to improve existing apps and make new one.

Thank you!

Have a beer: 

Basics of GMDSS

Manual for ship officers and students
Ivan Bižaca

While I was teaching in Mali Lošinj nautical school, I made manual for students explaining basics of GMDSS system. You can download PDF for free from pages of  Nautical school Ambroz Haračić.

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